What does Ujjo taste like?

Ujjo hot sauces are vinegar-free and use a combination of subtle sweeteners, warming spices, and powdered chilis to add a sweet heat to your favorite drink (or food!). Our Dark Roast blend has notes of cinnamon and molasses, and our Light Roast has a bright, citrusy flavor. If you've ever had a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a Chai Tea, imagine that flavor profile...but in a condiment that you can put on/in literally any food or drink.

What makes Ujjo different from other hot sauces?
Only everything! When you think of hot sauce, you probably think of vinegar, garlic powder, and lots of salt. Well, it’s probably no shock to you that all three of those are really really bad in coffee. So, we nixed all three and created a hot sauce that combines the spice of powdered chilis with subtle sweeteners and cozy spices to enhance the flavor of coffee, not mask it.

What kind of sweeteners do you use?
Our main sweetener of choice is erythritol, which actually isn’t a sugar, but a sugar alcohol. We also the following other sweeteners:

  • Dark Roast: Molasses, brown sugar, brown rice syrup
  • Light Roast: Brown rice syrup

What’s a sugar alcohol?
A sugar alcohol is sweet like a sugar...but your body doesn’t absorb it like sugar. That means that you get a sweet flavor without the tooth decay, inflammation, and other gnarly side-effects that sugar can cause.

Why does Ujjo use sugar alcohols?
Honestly, when we started testing Ujjo recipes, sugar alcohols weren’t even on our radar! But after doing a little back-of-the-envelope math, our founder Lauren realized that Ujjo had a pretty high sugar content––too high for her to feel ethical about selling it to others. So after months of research and trying out every sugar alcohol under the sun, she was excited to find that erythritol combined the best of both worlds: the mild sweetness she wanted from Ujjo with a fraction of the original sugar.

What ingredients are in Ujjo?
  • Dark Roast: Water, erythritol, brown sugar, molasses, brown rice syrup, ground chili peppers, lemon juice, spices, d=xanthan gum, salt, cocoa, sodium bisulfate
  • Light Roast: Water, erythritol, brown rice syrup, ground chili peppers, lemon juice, spices, xanthan gum, salt, vanilla extract, dried orange peel, sodium bisulfate

    What's the nutrition panel look like for each Ujjo product?

    Dark Roast Light Roast


    Is Ujjo vegan?
    You betcha it’s vegan! Our founder Lauren tries to follow a vegan diet as much as possible, so it was extra-important to her that Ujjo would be vegan as well...which means that even our brown sugar (which *gasp!* usually is not vegan) is certified vegan. That being said, Ujjo is not certified vegan (yet!) and it is manufactured in a facility that processes animal products for other brands.

      Is Ujjo gluten-free?
      Ding-ding-ding! Ujjo is completely gluten-free and uses no gluten-containing ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee that gluten-containing ingredients are not processed in our manufacturing facility as a part of other brands’ products. We do hope to be certified gluten free in the near future, though!

        Is Ujjo non-GMO/organic?
        At this point, we cannot definitively say that Ujjo is completely non-GMO or organic...but that’s something that we hope to explore down the road.

        I have an allergy and would like more information about the manufacturing facility to understand any risk of cross-contamination. How can I learn more?
        We take allergies and food sensitivities really seriously, and more than anything we want you to feel confident when you throw some lava in your java. Reach out to us at hello@ujjo.com and we’re glad to speak with you about your allergy concerns.

          Is Ujjo Kosher?
          We had initially thought that since Ujjo is vegan, it would by definition be Kosher. However, we now know that because our product is not certified by a rabbinical authority, it is not considered Kosher at this time. Huge thanks to our new friend Sarah for helping us learn and expand our awareness of what it means to be Kosher.
            Is Ujjo Halal?
            Both Light Roast and Dark Roast Ujjos have a trace amount of vanilla extract, which has a trace amount of alcohol. For that reason, Ujjo cannot be classified Halal.

              ORDER QUESTIONS

              I just placed my order. When can I expect to receive my Ujjo?
              Once we receive your order, we typically package it and drop it off at the post office within 2 business days. Once it’s on the way to you, you’ll receive an automated email with your tracking information.

                What is your return policy?
                First and foremost, we want you (or your colleague, or frenemy, or whoever you bought Ujjo for) to love our hot sauce. We’re glad to accept unopened bottles within 30 calendar days of purchase! Please reach out to us at hello@ujjo.com if you would like to facilitate a return.
                  What is your refund policy?
                  If your order complies with our return policy (see above), we will process your return and the order balance should be returned to your credit card within 10 business days.
                    It turns out that Ujjo isn’t for me. Can I return my opened product for a refund?
                    We eagerly, desperately hope that you love Ujjo as much as we do. However, for safety reasons we are unable to accept opened product.
                      My products arrived damaged. What should I do?
                      If your Ujjo (or any other Ujjo product) arrives damaged, we will gladly replace it for you. Please send us an email with your order number and a photo of the damaged product, and we will send you tracking information for a replacement item within 2 business days.

                        I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. How can I speak to someone on the team?
                        We’d love to hear from you! No seriously, talking with customers is the highlight of our day, so please reach out to us anytime at hello@ujjo.com. Our inbox is filling up pretty quickly these days, so please give us 2 business days to respond to you. Thank you for understanding!