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Cocoa, Molasses, Cinnamon

Dark Roast Blend

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The original hot sauce for coffee. It took over 70 tries to get it just right. With cozy spices like cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla, our Dark Roast blend packs a punch – but like, a really nice and friendly one.

Try it in: Dark roast coffee or espresso / Black tea / Dark liquor cocktails / Chocolate ice cream

Each bottle contains 5 fluid ounces. For nutrition information, please check out our FAQ page!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adds a nice zip to your coffee

This hot sauce complements coffee very nicely. It's not too hot and does not overwhelm the taste of the coffee. It brings out its taste. I use it all the time.

Martha E Davis
Really good

Very enjoyable. Surprisingly good. Little goes a long way. Best I've tasted.

zenobia rivera
Best thing for coffee since coffee

I love this stuff so much more than I thought I would. Its so incredible flavorful, sometimes I get disappointed at my coffee without it.

Good stuff

Flavor is something like a cinnamon nutmeg with chili peppers, goving coffee an added boost of flavor similar to a mexican hot chocolate.

I use it about once a week when I want some variety. If you're someone who likes spicy food and coffee, I recommend trying it. I prefer the dark roast to the light, and have since bought an additional 8 pottles of the dark. Two I plan to keep and the rest I plan to give away as Christmas presents.

5 stars for sure, great product

Wyatt Rose

Dark Roast Blend