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The Best of Both Worlds

Ujjo Sampler Pack

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If variety is the spice of life, this sampler pack is just what you need to bring some new fire into your daily routine. One 5oz Spicier hot sauce, One 5oz Sweeter hot sauce, endless combinations and flavor possibilities.

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Try them in: Coffee / Tea / Cocktails / Desserts / Marinades / And more!

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Schwartz

I first discovered Ujjo at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, and I paid for a checked bag on my flight home just so I could keep the bottle. Running low, I reordered and l let a friend finish my first bottle.

The sauces pair well with sweet or savory drinks, but I most often use it to make ordinary drip coffee more palatable. The spices have a tendency to settle to the bottom of the cup, so expect the final sips to have more bite.

Todd Welfelt
Different and unique

I've heard about Ujjo from a few different sources but never pulled the trigger figuring my coffee was fine without it. I eventually decided that there could be no harm in combining two of my favorite things together - coffee and spice! After trying out both options I can honestly say it adds a unique and interesting twist to my morning coffee.

I don't personally like adding milk, cream, or sugar to my coffee. Sometimes I'll add cinnamon or clove for something different. This adds a pleasant warmth from these spices with a kick of heat that warms the back of your throat. It is truly unique and enjoyable. It doesn't alter the flavor of the coffee itself but instead enhances it. I do recommend to start with small amounts of Ujjo before finding your balance. I get locally roasted medium roast coffee and grind it myself. I brew at a ratio of 16X1 or 16 grams of coffee to 600 grams of water (or 1.4 ounces of coffee to 22 ounces of water). I added 15 grams of each of the two flavors (spicy and sweet) and it's my perfect balance providing subtle sweet and warming spices with a kick.

I will certainly be purchasing again

Matt Thompson
Have tried the sweeter one not the spicier one

It’s good! It gives a sweet and deep burn to the end of each sip of coffee. Reminds me of mexican hot chocolate. I am looking forward to trying the spicier one. I don’t know if these were worth the price though.

Coffee to a whole new level

Been a coffee drinker many years...this addition is the best of all. An experience that I want expecting and will continue with.

James Lichtenfeld
coffee spice syrup

it gives the coffee a new and delightful flavor